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County Fleadh Prizewinners

Well done to our branch members who had a very successful weekend at music and singing competitions at the County Fleadh in Bandon this weekend and we are delighted that 14 branch members have qualified to represent Cork at Fleadh na Mumhan in Tralee next July

Under 12

· Kevin Zheng: Piano, 1st place; Fiddle Slow airs, 2nd place.

· Ciara Connolly: Whistle Slow Airs, 1st place.

· Charlie Óg McCarthy: Boys English Singing, 1st place.


· Kevin Duffy: Bodhrán, 1st place; Drums, 2nd place.

· Áine Connolly: Ladies English Singing, 2nd place.

· Chloe McCarthy: Piano, 3rd place (recommended).


· Emer McCarthy: Piano, 1st place; Accompaniment, 2nd place.

· Kellianne French: Whistling, 1st place; Harp, 2nd place; Harp Slow Airs, 2nd place.

· Niamh O’Driscoll: Harp Slow Airs, 3rd place.


· Saoirse Connolly: Banjo, 1st place.

· Ciarán French: Drums, 1st place.

· Daniel Coughlan: Bodhrán, 1st place.

· Katelyn French: Flute, 2nd place; Flute Slow Airs, 3rd place (recommended).

· Davina Connolly & Saoirse Connolly: Duet, 3rd place (recommended).

· Anna O’Keefe: Piano, 2nd place; Piano Accordion, 3rd place.

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